Season of Migration to the North Character Descriptions

Tayeb Salih
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This character is chosen to tell the story of another character and is never given a name. He is from a small village in Sudan located on the Nile River.

Mustafa Sa'eed

This character is an only child who grows up in Khartoum with his mother. He studies and marries in London and kills his wife.


This character is a political leader and one of the local powers in the village.


This character was the mother of another character's two sons. She is forced to marry somebody else and kills him and herself.

Jean Morris

This person meets another character at a party in Chelsea, marries him and gets killed by him.

Bint Mazjoub

This character has had eight husbands and is known for her rough manly talk.


This character is over ninety-years-old and tends to be rather acetic.

Wad Rayyes

This character has...

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