Season of Migration to the North Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tayeb Salih
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Pages 1-18

• The narrator is back in his Sudanese village after a seven year stay in Europe.

• The world seems unchanged to him as he is in his family's company.

• A stranger, Mustafa, now lives in his village.
• The narrator talks about his experience with the Europeans.

• He has a lot of catching up to do with the village people.

• He remembers his childhood and his grandfather.
• The narrator meets Mustafa and they talk a lot.

• The narrator and Mustafa have dinner together with two other people.

• Mustafa is a member of the Agricultural Project Committee and is treated with a great deal of respect.

• Mustafa invites the narrator over again for a big talk and shows him paperwork.

Pages 19-44

• Mustafa tells the narrator his life story.

• Mustafa was regarded as a prodigy at his Sudanese school and studied in Cairo.
• Before Mustafa left for Cairo, he...

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