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Short Answer Questions

1. How did women feel about the use of their newly allowed free time in the 1970's?

2. How does Nancy react to Charlie's blasy attitude?

3. In Charlie's childhood dream, what body of water did he want to live underneath?

4. What kind of wife does Charlie tell Nancy she is?

5. What does Nancy encourage her husband to do as he lies on his back?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the conversation of procreation and child-rearing lead to?

2. Describe how the humans communicate effectively with the lizards.

3. What does Nancy not understand about her husband's retirement plan?

4. What does Sarah reveal to Nancy about her eggs?

5. How do the lizards reveal themselves to Charlie and Nancy?

6. Describe the act of shaking hands between the lizards and the humans.

7. Why does the conversation of exclusivity threaten to create a problem?

8. What is amazing to Leslie and Sarah about human child-rearing?

9. How does Charlie try to defend himself and his wife against the sea creatures?

10. Describe the second time the lizards approach the humans?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the human needs of Nancy that are not being met? How are these needs communicated to Charlie? Describe how Charlie helps or does not help Nancy in her evolution.

Essay Topic 2

Explain how the anthropomorphic (animals that have human qualities) creatures are used by the author to illustrate human emotions and revelations.

Essay Topic 3

How is the idea of "progress" portrayed in the play? Refer to specific scenes to support your answer.

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