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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nancy threaten to do if Charlie is unwilling to go along with her?
(a) Nancy will go on her own
(b) Nancy will divorce him
(c) Nancy will find another man
(d) Nancy will sell the house

2. Which character finds a descent size stick?
(a) Charlie
(b) Nancy
(c) The Male Lizard
(d) The Female Lizard

3. What does Charlie think is imminent?
(a) Violence
(b) War
(c) Friendship
(d) Certain death

4. What does Nancy and Charlie hope their act will communicate to the lizards as they approach?
(a) Peacefulness
(b) Defensiveness
(c) Submission
(d) Curiosity

5. What does Nancy feel that both Charlie and Nancy have lost?
(a) Mutual attraction for each other
(b) Respect for each other
(c) A zest for life
(d) A sense of purpose

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Nancy in the mood for after lunch?

2. What do the jets overhead help to identify?

3. What was Charlie's childhood dream?

4. What attribute of Charlie is affected by lying on his back in submission?

5. What had the women in the 1970s been doing with their time prior to the social movements?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Nancy react to her husbands question of Sarah?

2. What is amazing to Leslie and Sarah about human child-rearing?

3. After the biological information about procreation and child-rearing is explained, what concept does Nancy tell the lizards about that the lizards do not understand?

4. How does Nancy respond when Charlie mentions the concept of machines to the lizards and speaks of machines that go underwater?

5. Describe what happens during and as a result of the lizards approaching?

6. What is the last effort Nancy makes towards her husband at the end of Act 1?

7. Explain how the lizards agree to stay on land and not return to the sea?

8. Where would Charlie like to spend his retirement?

9. How do Charlie and Nancy initially react to the presence of the lizards?

10. What does Nancy not understand about her husband's retirement plan?

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