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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charlie feel about answering the lizards question about change?
(a) Embarassed
(b) Confident
(c) Unsure
(d) Angry

2. How does Charlie react to Nancy telling the lizards about Charlie's hearts desire?
(a) He is sad and depressed
(b) He is infuriated and embarrased
(c) He is joyful and anticipatory
(d) He is happy and open

3. Why does Nancy tell they lizards that they should stay?
(a) Because they would like land better
(b) Because she needs them for company
(c) Because they will just return at some point
(d) Because she likes them

4. What does Nancy explain is the reason that parents keep children besides rearing?
(a) For money
(b) For love
(c) For company
(d) For workers

5. Why did Leslie choose Sarah as a partner?
(a) She was the longest lizard
(b) She was the strongest lizard
(c) She was the fastest lizard
(d) She was the prettiest lizard

6. Who calms the men down?
(a) Sarah
(b) The two women together
(c) Nancy
(d) The men concede on their own

7. What are Nancy and Charlie trying to attempt by using physical communication?
(a) To communicate business
(b) To communicate humans are not aggressive
(c) To communicate a need for protection
(d) To communicate an understanding of friendship

8. What are lizards absolutely amazed to learn about humans and child rearing?
(a) That human offspring are so needy
(b) That offspring look like their parents
(c) That humans interact with their offspring
(d) That humans keep their offspring for years

9. What can Leslie not concede to regarding exclusivity?
(a) Complete love
(b) Complete loyalty
(c) Complete protection
(d) Complete companionship

10. What is exposed as a result of explaining why humans don't walk around naked?
(a) Nancy's breasts
(b) Nancy's legs
(c) Nancy's navel
(d) Nancy's thighs

11. What do Leslie and Sarah decide they will do?
(a) Leslie and Sarah decide to leave
(b) Leslie and Sarah walk away
(c) Leslie and Sarah decide to stay
(d) Leslie and Sarah need to think it over

12. What is the name of the male lizard?
(a) Lewis
(b) Leslie
(c) Charlie
(d) Larry

13. Who does Nancy speak to first?
(a) Leslie
(b) herself
(c) Sarah
(d) Charlie

14. What does Charlie try to explain to Leslie is the difference between their search for a mate?
(a) Lizards look for love
(b) Humans look for love
(c) Lizards are more simple
(d) Humans are immature

15. What position are Nancy and Charlie in when Act 2 opens?
(a) Playful positions
(b) They have left the beach
(c) Submissive positions
(d) Ideal positions

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the lizards find so intriguing about human reproduction?

2. What do Charlie and Nancy mostly do to each other throughout the entire Act 2?

3. How do the lizards feel about their unrest?

4. What has Sarah never seen before?

5. What do the seagulls overhead represent?

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