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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the lizards act when Nancy explains human reproduction?
(a) Confused
(b) Bored
(c) Incredulous
(d) Excited

2. What does Nancy say that Charlie believes himself and Nancy to be?
(a) Sad
(b) Happy
(c) Alive
(d) Dead

3. What does Nancy urge her husband to do?
(a) Talk to her
(b) Talk to Leslie
(c) Talk to Sarah
(d) Walk away from the beach

4. What prize did Edward Albee win for the play, Seascape?
(a) The Man Book Prize
(b) The Pulitzer
(c) The Newberry
(d) The PEN Award

5. Why is communication frustrating between the lizards and the humans?
(a) Because Leslie is shy
(b) Because Charlie isn't talking
(c) Because of the language problem
(d) Because Nancy is talking to much

6. What position are Nancy and Charlie in when Act 2 opens?
(a) They have left the beach
(b) Playful positions
(c) Ideal positions
(d) Submissive positions

7. What does the author want the audience to play the least attention to?
(a) Issues of business and law
(b) Issues of lesser consequence
(c) Issues of domesticity and child-rearing
(d) Issues of friendship

8. What do the lizards ask Charlie after he discusses the theory of evolution?
(a) If change is good
(b) If change is their destiny
(c) If change is fast
(d) If change happens to everyone

9. What is exposed as a result of explaining why humans don't walk around naked?
(a) Nancy's breasts
(b) Nancy's thighs
(c) Nancy's navel
(d) Nancy's legs

10. What can Leslie not concede to regarding exclusivity?
(a) Complete love
(b) Complete protection
(c) Complete loyalty
(d) Complete companionship

11. What does Nancy want so desperately that she will entertain a friendship from another species?
(a) Love
(b) Understanding
(c) Sex
(d) Interaction

12. What pertinent questions does Charlie ask Sarah regarding their home and life together?
(a) How she would feel living alone
(b) How she would feel living on land
(c) How she would feel living with the humans
(d) How she would feel if Leslie were to leave

13. According to Nancy and Charlie, when do humans stop child rearing?
(a) It's a lifelong commitment
(b) When a chid is prepared to take care of themselves
(c) When a child is married
(d) When a child has another child

14. What does Leslie do to Charlie in an effort to elicit a response from him?
(a) Leslie pokes Charlie hard
(b) Leslie tries to lift Charlie up
(c) Leslie spits on Charlie
(d) Leslie kicks Charlie hard

15. What does the play Seascape bring together in a literary masterpiece?
(a) Fantasy and science
(b) Reality and reproduction
(c) Reality and science
(d) Fantasy and reality

Short Answer Questions

1. Because Charlie is not willing to let a male of any species view his wife's breasts, what does he do?

2. How do the lizards feel about their unrest?

3. What does Nancy take the opportunity to do now that Charlie is explaining underwater machinery?

4. What does Charlie think will guarantee a scream out of him?

5. What does the human couple offer the lizard couple at the end of Act 2?

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