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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What pertinent questions does Charlie ask Sarah regarding their home and life together?
(a) How she would feel living with the humans
(b) How she would feel if Leslie were to leave
(c) How she would feel living on land
(d) How she would feel living alone

2. Charlie's reaction to the lizards can be best described as true to this quality of his personalty.
(a) Annoyed
(b) Irate
(c) Apprehensive
(d) Passive

3. Because Charlie is not willing to let a male of any species view his wife's breasts, what does he do?
(a) Charlie attacks Leslie
(b) Charlie thwarts Leslie's view
(c) Charlie covers Leslie eyes with his hands
(d) Charlie covers up his wife

4. What does Nancy do to continue to communicate with the lizards?
(a) She tries to get them to swim
(b) She changes her clothes
(c) She changes the subject
(d) She tries to teach them to dance

5. What does Sarah begin to do now that she is angry?
(a) Sarah throws a punch
(b) Sarah runs away
(c) Sarah cries
(d) Sarah runs to Leslie for support

6. How is Leslie and Sarah's coupling different from Charlie and Nancy?
(a) It was instinctive
(b) It was arranged
(c) It was spontaneous
(d) It was aggressive

7. What is the primary reason the lizards feel they have to leave the sea?
(a) They want an adventure
(b) They don't like it
(c) They don't get along with the other lizards
(d) They don't belong

8. What flies overhead as the men are arguing?
(a) A jet
(b) A flock of seagulls
(c) A kite
(d) A hot air balloon

9. What does the author touch on that is a critical event of the 1970's?
(a) Western liberal democracy
(b) New family dynamics
(c) The new deal
(d) The space age

10. What is exposed as a result of explaining why humans don't walk around naked?
(a) Nancy's breasts
(b) Nancy's legs
(c) Nancy's thighs
(d) Nancy's navel

11. What does Nancy assure Charlie about the lizards?
(a) They have no teeth
(b) They are smaller than she thought
(c) They are harmless
(d) They are docile

12. Which combination of lizards and humans are uncertain of each other right away?
(a) Charlie and Sarah
(b) Nancy and Sarah
(c) Charlie and Leslie
(d) Leslie and Nancy

13. Where does Sarah want to go after Charlie has upset her?
(a) Return to the sea
(b) Behind the rock
(c) Rest on the sand
(d) Into the waves

14. What do the lizards find so intriguing about human reproduction?
(a) The size of the human born
(b) The ability to have twins
(c) The size of the mother pregnant
(d) The amount of humans produced at one time

15. What prize did Edward Albee win for the play, Seascape?
(a) The Pulitzer
(b) The Man Book Prize
(c) The Newberry
(d) The PEN Award

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the topic of mammaries lead to a discussion of?

2. How does Nancy feel as the lizards approach?

3. What concept confuses Leslie and Sarah and threatens to create a problem?

4. What is the primary theme of Act 2?

5. What does the author want the audience to play the least attention to?

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