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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position are Nancy and Charlie in when Act 2 opens?
(a) Ideal positions
(b) They have left the beach
(c) Playful positions
(d) Submissive positions

2. How does Charlie react to Nancy telling the lizards about Charlie's hearts desire?
(a) He is sad and depressed
(b) He is happy and open
(c) He is joyful and anticipatory
(d) He is infuriated and embarrased

3. What happens to the two men as a result of Leslie not conceding to Sarah's desires?
(a) A verbal attack
(b) They stop speaking to each other
(c) They swim in the ocean
(d) A physical attack

4. What does Nancy explain to Sarah as she looks up to the sky?
(a) The concept of flight
(b) The concept of precipitation
(c) The concept of a cloud
(d) The concept of the moon

5. What sounds appealing to Sarah during the discussion on exclusivity?
(a) Having a strong partner
(b) Having a rich partner
(c) Having a handsome partner
(d) Having a faithful partner

6. Who calms the men down?
(a) The two women together
(b) Sarah
(c) The men concede on their own
(d) Nancy

7. How many eggs does Sarah reveal she and Leslie have produced?
(a) 70,000
(b) 7,000
(c) 70
(d) 700

8. How does Charlie feel about answering the lizards question about change?
(a) Unsure
(b) Angry
(c) Embarassed
(d) Confident

9. Who does Charlie say is inside planes and underwater in machines?
(a) Man
(b) Bird
(c) Reptile
(d) Fish

10. What flies overhead and frightens the lizards?
(a) Another jet
(b) A kite
(c) A heliocopter
(d) A flock of seagulls

11. Why does Nancy tell they lizards that they should stay?
(a) Because they would like land better
(b) Because she needs them for company
(c) Because they will just return at some point
(d) Because she likes them

12. Who does Charlie engage in a conversation with after Nancy begins to speak?
(a) Charlie interrupts Nancy
(b) Sarah
(c) Leslie
(d) himself

13. How do each couple engage in communication as a result of their failed first attempt?
(a) Written communication
(b) They try to translate
(c) They use a computer
(d) Physical communication

14. What prize did Edward Albee win for the play, Seascape?
(a) The Man Book Prize
(b) The Pulitzer
(c) The Newberry
(d) The PEN Award

15. What are Nancy and Charlie trying to attempt by using physical communication?
(a) To communicate business
(b) To communicate a need for protection
(c) To communicate humans are not aggressive
(d) To communicate an understanding of friendship

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leslie ask is the purpose of, when referring to Charlie?

2. What question does Charlie bring up to avert any further questions from Nancy?

3. Which combination of lizards and humans are uncertain of each other right away?

4. What has Sarah never seen before?

5. What can Leslie not concede to regarding exclusivity?

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