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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the lizards feel about their unrest?
(a) They are eager to start over
(b) They know they don't like the sea
(c) They know something has changed
(d) They are happy and joyful

2. How does Charlie react to Nancy telling the lizards about Charlie's hearts desire?
(a) He is joyful and anticipatory
(b) He is infuriated and embarrased
(c) He is happy and open
(d) He is sad and depressed

3. What pertinent questions does Charlie ask Sarah regarding their home and life together?
(a) How she would feel living alone
(b) How she would feel if Leslie were to leave
(c) How she would feel living on land
(d) How she would feel living with the humans

4. Charlie's reaction to the lizards can be best described as true to this quality of his personalty.
(a) Annoyed
(b) Apprehensive
(c) Passive
(d) Irate

5. What does Nancy say that Charlie believes himself and Nancy to be?
(a) Happy
(b) Sad
(c) Dead
(d) Alive

6. Which combination of lizards and humans are comfortable with each other right away?
(a) Nancy and Sarah
(b) Leslie and Nancy
(c) Sarah and Charlie
(d) Charlie and Sarah

7. What are lizards absolutely amazed to learn about humans and child rearing?
(a) That offspring look like their parents
(b) That humans keep their offspring for years
(c) That humans interact with their offspring
(d) That human offspring are so needy

8. What do the lizards find so intriguing about human reproduction?
(a) The size of the human born
(b) The amount of humans produced at one time
(c) The size of the mother pregnant
(d) The ability to have twins

9. What does Charlie think will guarantee a scream out of him?
(a) One poke from the creatures
(b) One sound from Nancy
(c) One foot forward from the creatures
(d) One loud sound from the creatures

10. What flies overhead and frightens the lizards?
(a) Another jet
(b) A kite
(c) A heliocopter
(d) A flock of seagulls

11. What is the primary reason the lizards feel they have to leave the sea?
(a) They don't like it
(b) They don't belong
(c) They don't get along with the other lizards
(d) They want an adventure

12. What simple act is even challenging between the lizards and the humans?
(a) Swimming
(b) Shaking hands
(c) Walking
(d) Making a sand castle

13. What does Charlie try to explain to Leslie is the difference between their search for a mate?
(a) Humans are immature
(b) Humans look for love
(c) Lizards look for love
(d) Lizards are more simple

14. Where does Charlie tell the lizards that man has evolved from?
(a) Creatures in the jungle
(b) Creatures of the sea
(c) Creatures in the desert
(d) Creatures in Africa

15. What do the lizards ask Charlie after he discusses the theory of evolution?
(a) If change is fast
(b) If change is good
(c) If change happens to everyone
(d) If change is their destiny

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is communication frustrating between the lizards and the humans?

2. How is Leslie and Sarah's coupling different from Charlie and Nancy?

3. Who does Nancy speak to first?

4. How does Nancy feel as the lizards approach?

5. What does Nancy and the lizards mostly engage in?

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