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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the main historical event the author has illustrated in the play?
(a) Slavery
(b) The Women's Liberation Movement
(c) Women's Suffrage
(d) The Equal Rights Ammendment

2. What did the changes of the 1970s provide women with?
(a) Safety
(b) Husbands
(c) Religion
(d) Opportunity

3. What does Charlie try to explain as the lizards are frightened by the overhead noise?
(a) The concept of gravity
(b) The concept of flight
(c) The concept of machines
(d) The concept of aeronautics

4. Which combination of lizards and humans are comfortable with each other right away?
(a) Charlie and Sarah
(b) Leslie and Nancy
(c) Sarah and Charlie
(d) Nancy and Sarah

5. What does Nancy crave as her life's potential?
(a) Power
(b) Education
(c) Adventure
(d) Business sense

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Charlie and Nancy mostly do to each other throughout the entire Act 2?

2. What is Charlie in the mood for after lunch?

3. What does Charlie ask his wife to find in order to defend themselves against the creatures?

4. Which character does the author favor in shedding light on historical events of the 1970s?

5. How does Nancy feel as the lizards approach?

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