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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What begins to happen as the lizards and the humans interact and try to understand each other better?
(a) They grow belligerent
(b) They grow weary
(c) They grow happy
(d) They laugh

2. What does Charlie think is imminent?
(a) War
(b) Violence
(c) Friendship
(d) Certain death

3. How does Nancy feel about the sound that interrupts the couple?
(a) Nancy is panicked
(b) Nancy is overwhelmed
(c) Nancy is in awe
(d) Nancy is scared

4. What did Charlie used to hold to let himself sink to the bottom of the lake?
(a) Two bags of sand
(b) Two heavy rocks
(c) Two heavy bricks
(d) Two sea turtles

5. Which character finds a descent size stick?
(a) Charlie
(b) Nancy
(c) The Female Lizard
(d) The Male Lizard

Short Answer Questions

1. What stage in life are Charlie and Nancy entering?

2. What do Charlie and Nancy mostly do to each other throughout the entire Act 2?

3. What does Sarah begin to do now that she is angry?

4. How did women feel about the use of their newly allowed free time in the 1970's?

5. What is the primary theme of Act 2?

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