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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nancy feel about her husband's insensitivity when he asks Sarah personal questions?
(a) Joyful
(b) Indifferent
(c) Outraged
(d) Entitled

2. How do the lizards act when Nancy explains human reproduction?
(a) Incredulous
(b) Confused
(c) Excited
(d) Bored

3. What did the changes of the 1970s provide women with?
(a) Opportunity
(b) Husbands
(c) Religion
(d) Safety

4. What is the theme of Act 1?
(a) The challenge of communication
(b) The challenge of evolution
(c) The challenge of the sexes
(d) The challenge of retirement

5. What flies overhead and frightens the lizards?
(a) Another jet
(b) A heliocopter
(c) A flock of seagulls
(d) A kite

Short Answer Questions

1. How can the state of Charlie and Nancy's marriage be best described?

2. What do the lizards think about the gestation period of human reproduction?

3. What does the sound of the jet make the lizards do?

4. What do the jets overhead help to identify?

5. What had the women in the 1970s been doing with their time prior to the social movements?

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