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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sounds appealing to Sarah during the discussion on exclusivity?
(a) Having a rich partner
(b) Having a strong partner
(c) Having a faithful partner
(d) Having a handsome partner

2. What does Nancy explain is the reason that parents keep children besides rearing?
(a) For company
(b) For money
(c) For workers
(d) For love

3. What does Charlie think is imminent?
(a) Certain death
(b) War
(c) Friendship
(d) Violence

4. How does the author view the events of the 1970s?
(a) Critical
(b) Obtuse
(c) Meaningless
(d) Sensationalized

5. What are Nancy and Charlie trying to attempt by using physical communication?
(a) To communicate an understanding of friendship
(b) To communicate business
(c) To communicate a need for protection
(d) To communicate humans are not aggressive

Short Answer Questions

1. What object does the creature peek out behind?

2. What does the author touch on that is a critical event of the 1970's?

3. What types of creatures does the beach location allude that humans evolved from?

4. What does the sound of the jet make the lizards do?

5. What do the seagulls overhead represent?

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