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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charlie feel about the sound that interrupts the couple?
(a) Charlie lets Nancy make the decision
(b) Charlie thinks the sound is delightful
(c) Charlie is overwhelmed
(d) Charlie thinks there will be a crash

2. As the couple argues, what creature appears?
(a) A lizard
(b) A dolphin
(c) A giant squid
(d) A sandpiper

3. What object does the creature peek out behind?
(a) A cliff
(b) A mound of seaweed
(c) A surfboard
(d) A rock

4. What did the changes of the 1970s provide women with?
(a) Religion
(b) Husbands
(c) Opportunity
(d) Safety

5. What does Nancy's sarcastic validation of Charlie's merits as a good husband and father lead to?
(a) An argument
(b) A dip in the water
(c) A sexual escapade
(d) A long walk on the beach

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Nancy show fear?

2. How does Nancy react to Charlie's blasy attitude?

3. What is Charlie's ideal life?

4. How does Nancy feel about Charlie's blase attitude?

5. What is the theme of Act 1?

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