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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charlie respond to accusations of infidelity?
(a) There is injustice within the issue
(b) There is no truth to the issue
(c) There is false evidence of the issue
(d) There is truth to the issue

2. What types of creatures does the beach location allude that humans evolved from?
(a) Sea creatures
(b) Apes
(c) Birds
(d) Sand creatures

3. What does Nancy want from her marriage?
(a) Sex and adventure
(b) Intimacy and connection
(c) Care and balance
(d) Money and a home

4. How does Charlie feel about Nancy's attempt to infuse enthusiasm into their relationship?
(a) Indifferent
(b) Hopeful
(c) Willing
(d) Surprised

5. What is Nancy in the mood for after lunch?
(a) To talk about the birds
(b) To talk about her love of water
(c) To talk about the shells
(d) To talk about the fresh salty air

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Charlie feel when he sees the creatures?

2. Who is the author of Seascape?

3. What does Nancy want to plan with Charlie?

4. What does Nancy encourage her husband to do as he lies on his back?

5. What was Charlie's childhood dream?

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