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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can the combination of opportunity and confusion in the 1970s can best be described as?
(a) A lie
(b) Hypocrisy
(c) An invention by men
(d) A double edged sword

2. What is created in Charlie and Nancy's marriage as a result of miscommunication?
(a) Anger
(b) Violence
(c) Tension
(d) Love

3. How does Nancy describe her husband at the end of Act 1 while in submission to the lizards?
(a) Cowardly
(b) Happy
(c) Brave
(d) Dour

4. What does Charlie call the whole scene?
(a) Entertaining
(b) A dream
(c) A certain hell
(d) A fantasy

5. What does Nancy encourage her husband to do as he lies on his back?
(a) Frown
(b) Wink
(c) Be expressionless
(d) Smile

Short Answer Questions

1. In Charlie's childhood dream, what body of water did he want to live underneath?

2. What does Nancy want from her marriage?

3. What does Nancy threaten to do if Charlie is unwilling to go along with her?

4. What had the women in the 1970s been doing with their time prior to the social movements?

5. What kind of man has Charlie become?

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