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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many times during Act 1 does Nancy bring up Charlie's childhood dream of living underwater?
(a) Once
(b) Three times
(c) Twice
(d) Never

2. What had the women in the 1970s been doing with their time prior to the social movements?
(a) Mothering
(b) Looking for a husband
(c) Developing a career
(d) Accounting

3. What does Charlie pass off Nancy's idea of his dream as?
(a) Childhood humor
(b) Too lofty of a goal
(c) Childhood fancy
(d) Too hard

4. What is the main historical event the author has illustrated in the play?
(a) The Equal Rights Ammendment
(b) Slavery
(c) The Women's Liberation Movement
(d) Women's Suffrage

5. What can the combination of opportunity and confusion in the 1970s can best be described as?
(a) A double edged sword
(b) A lie
(c) Hypocrisy
(d) An invention by men

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nancy react to Charlie's blasy attitude?

2. How does Nancy's choice in twigs make her husband feel?

3. What is created in Charlie and Nancy's marriage as a result of miscommunication?

4. What does Nancy want to plan with Charlie?

5. What kind of relationship do Charlie and Nancy have?

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