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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie think the creatures must be a result of?
(a) A punishment for a faulty marriage
(b) Having eaten rancid liver paster for lunch
(c) Drinking too much wine
(d) Having salt water in their eyes

2. How does the author view the events of the 1970s?
(a) Obtuse
(b) Meaningless
(c) Sensationalized
(d) Critical

3. What person/place/thing does Charlie compare Leslie to?
(a) A dolphin
(b) A fish
(c) An ape
(d) A turtle

4. What word best describes the character of Nancy?
(a) Forthright
(b) Brave
(c) Insincere
(d) Opinionated

5. What are Nancy and Charlie trying to attempt by using physical communication?
(a) To communicate humans are not aggressive
(b) To communicate business
(c) To communicate a need for protection
(d) To communicate an understanding of friendship

Short Answer Questions

1. Nancy's reaction to the lizards can be best described as true to this quality of her personality.

2. Where does the setting open in Act 1?

3. How many eggs does Sarah reveal she and Leslie have produced?

4. What can the combination of opportunity and confusion in the 1970s can best be described as?

5. What prize did Edward Albee win for the play, Seascape?

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