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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie hope the gesture will save them from?
(a) Survival
(b) Cruel fate
(c) Being buried alive
(d) Being eaten alive

2. How does Charlie feel about answering the lizards question about change?
(a) Unsure
(b) Angry
(c) Confident
(d) Embarassed

3. What begins to happen as the lizards and the humans interact and try to understand each other better?
(a) They grow happy
(b) They grow weary
(c) They grow belligerent
(d) They laugh

4. What does Nancy want from her marriage?
(a) Intimacy and connection
(b) Care and balance
(c) Sex and adventure
(d) Money and a home

5. What does Charlie bring up as the lizards explain about their feelings for leaving the sea?
(a) The biography of Charles Darwin
(b) The theory of evolution
(c) The theory of progress
(d) Einstein's theory of relativity

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nancy encourage her husband to do as he lies on his back?

2. What object does the creature peek out behind?

3. Which combination of lizards and humans are uncertain of each other right away?

4. What is Charlie's ideal life?

5. What types of creatures does the beach location allude that humans evolved from?

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