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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie call the whole scene?
(a) A certain hell
(b) Entertaining
(c) A fantasy
(d) A dream

2. What was the woman's main role before the 1970s?
(a) Nursing
(b) Be a wife
(c) Serve in the home
(d) Teach

3. What is the theme of Act 1?
(a) The challenge of retirement
(b) The challenge of the sexes
(c) The challenge of communication
(d) The challenge of evolution

4. What is the best way to describe the gesture that Nancy and Charlie are exhibiting for the creatures?
(a) Animalistic
(b) Fatalstic
(c) Deathly
(d) Romantic

5. When does Nancy show fear?
(a) When her husband makes a frightening noise
(b) When the female lizard makes a frightening noise
(c) When she herself makes a frightening noise
(d) When the male lizard makes a frightening noise

Short Answer Questions

1. As the couple argues, what creature appears?

2. What happens when the lizards move forward towards Charlie and Nancy?

3. During the 1970s, what did women have more of and permission to use it?

4. What are Charlie and Nancy facing as they enter their new stage in life?

5. How does Nancy describe her husband at the end of Act 1 while in submission to the lizards?

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