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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of wife does Charlie tell Nancy she is?
(a) A resentful wife
(b) A good wife
(c) A happy wife
(d) A cunning wife

2. What did Charlie used to hold to let himself sink to the bottom of the lake?
(a) Two sea turtles
(b) Two heavy rocks
(c) Two bags of sand
(d) Two heavy bricks

3. What do the lizards ask Charlie after he discusses the theory of evolution?
(a) If change is good
(b) If change happens to everyone
(c) If change is their destiny
(d) If change is fast

4. Who calms the men down?
(a) Nancy
(b) The men concede on their own
(c) The two women together
(d) Sarah

5. As the couple argues, what creature appears?
(a) A dolphin
(b) A sandpiper
(c) A lizard
(d) A giant squid

Short Answer Questions

1. What does that author want the audience to pay the most attention to?

2. What does the sound of the jet make the lizards do?

3. What was Charlie testing when he let himself sink down to the bottom of the lake?

4. How did women feel as a result of having time outside of the home?

5. What do Charlie and Nancy mostly do to each other throughout the entire Act 2?

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