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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie hope to infuse his marriage with?
(a) Care
(b) Rest
(c) Nothing
(d) Relaxation

2. How does Nancy react to Charlie's blasy attitude?
(a) Tells him he must go back to work
(b) Rants that life is short
(c) Asks for him to change
(d) Is compassionate to him

3. What do the lizards first do to Charlie and Nancy?
(a) They poke them
(b) They walk past them
(c) They punch them
(d) They attack them

4. What is the primary reason the lizards feel they have to leave the sea?
(a) They want an adventure
(b) They don't like it
(c) They don't get along with the other lizards
(d) They don't belong

5. What human element do the jets overhead exemplify?
(a) Suspicion
(b) Procreation
(c) Infidelity
(d) Progress

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Charlie feel about having to explain so much to the lizards?

2. What subject does Nancy bring up at the desperate attempt to get a reaction out of her husband?

3. What does the author touch on that is a critical event of the 1970's?

4. What are lizards absolutely amazed to learn about humans and child rearing?

5. Describe Nancy's state of mind when the lizards reappear.

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