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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nancy crave as her life's potential?
(a) Power
(b) Business sense
(c) Adventure
(d) Education

2. How does Charlie react to Nancy telling the lizards about Charlie's hearts desire?
(a) He is sad and depressed
(b) He is infuriated and embarrased
(c) He is joyful and anticipatory
(d) He is happy and open

3. How many times during Act 1 does Nancy bring up Charlie's childhood dream of living underwater?
(a) Twice
(b) Once
(c) Three times
(d) Never

4. Why do Nancy and Charlie lie on their backs?
(a) To prevent the lizards from attacking
(b) Charlie hurt himself
(c) To hide
(d) To surrender

5. What does Nancy and the lizards mostly engage in?
(a) Song
(b) Dialogue
(c) Tirades
(d) Arguments

Short Answer Questions

1. What is created in Charlie and Nancy's marriage as a result of miscommunication?

2. What does Charlie call the whole scene?

3. Why does the lizard couple appear to have better communication with each other?

4. What do the jets overhead help to identify?

5. After the discussion of love, what does the topic turn to?

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