Seascape Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Act 1

1. Where does the setting open in Act 1?
(a) The beach
(b) A swimming pool
(c) East Hamptons
(d) The desert

2. What kind of relationship do Charlie and Nancy have?
(a) They are dating
(b) They are brother and sister
(c) They are friends
(d) They are married

3. As the play opens, what have Charlie and Nancy finished enjoying?
(a) A picnic lunch
(b) A long run
(c) Feeding the seagulls
(d) A walk on the shore line

4. What sound interrupts Charlie and Nancy's conversation?
(a) Jets overhead
(b) Squaking seagulls
(c) Other people talking
(d) A lifeguard rescuing a swimmer

5. How does Nancy feel about the sound that interrupts the couple?
(a) Nancy is scared
(b) Nancy is overwhelmed
(c) Nancy is panicked
(d) Nancy is in awe

6. How does Charlie feel about the sound that interrupts the couple?
(a) Charlie thinks the sound is delightful
(b) Charlie lets Nancy make the decision
(c) Charlie thinks there will be a crash
(d) Charlie is overwhelmed

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