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Objective: Seascape opens on a beach where an older couple, Charlie and Nancy, have just completed a picnic lunch. The sound of a jet overhead interrupts their conversation. The setting in a play or novel is an integral part of a story. Today's lesson is on the setting of Seascape and how it relates to the theme of Act 1.

1) Have students define "theme" and "setting" as literary elements (for reference).

2) Hold a discussion with students and refresh their memory and understanding of evolution and how human beings may have evolved from sea creatures. Include Charlies Darwin, the idea of progress and growth, etc.

3) Have students use magazines (National Geographic, Scientific American, Smithsonian, etc) to find photographs of various sea creatures, sea and beach settings, sand and shell formations, etc. Students can also go online to discovery education to find pictures.

4) Students will then create on a piece...

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