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Tabloid Paper

Create the cover of a Tabloid that illustrates the premise of the play. Include pictures of the lizards as well as an article.

Picture Book Pop Up

Create a picture book that tells the plot and theme of the book using pictures only. Use pop ups and be creative.

Create a set design

Create a miniature set design of the play. Include various scene changes, including the east coast shoreline, etc. Perhaps your set design might become the actual set for a showing of "Seascape."

Costume Drama

Create sketches or actual costumes that the lizards (Leslie and Sarah) might wear, as well as what Charlie and Nancy might wear during act 1 or act 2 of the play.

Radio Show

Turn the dialogue of the play into a radio show. Include background sound devices, music, and sound effects.


Create masks to wear that resemble the characters of...

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