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Essay Topic 1

Explain how the anthropomorphic (animals that have human qualities) creatures are used by the author to illustrate human emotions and revelations.

Essay Topic 2

Explain how the characters depict the concept of evolution. Use textual evidence.

Essay Topic 3

Explain why the setting of the beach is symbolic.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss how the idea of alienation is a common thread throughout the play. Use textual evidence to support your findings.

Essay Topic 5

Discuss the symbolism of the jets that fly overhead.

Essay Topic 6

Define what genre "Seascape" falls into. Is it primarily fantasy, comedy, absurd, or satire? Use textual/dialogue evidence to support your answer.

Essay Topic 7

Compare and contrast the characters of Nancy and Sarah.

Essay Topic 8

Compare and contrast the characters of Leslie and Charlie.

Essay Topic 9

Is the ending of the play happy? Is the ending inspiring? Explain.

Essay Topic 10

How is the idea of...

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