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Act 1

• Seascape opens on a beach

• An older couple, Charlie and Nancy, have just had a picnic lunch

• The sound of a jet overhead interrupts their conversation

• Nancy puts away their lunch items

• Nancy is in awe of the aircraft

• Charlie thinks that one jet will crash into a sand dune one day

• Charlie prepares for a nap

• Nancy wants to talk about her love of the water and her desire to be near it forever

• Nancy's ideal life would be to travel all over the world going from one beach to another

• Charlie is not enthusiastic about her dream

• Charlie prefers to not do anything or go anywhere

• Charlie has a blase attitude

• Nancy says that life is short and they need to plan some adventures

• If Charlie does not want to go, Nancy will go alone.

• Charlie may be content to go a retirement home instead...

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