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Short Answer Questions

1. What 1973 play does Shamraeff mention?

2. What does Treplieff lay by Nina's feet?

3. What have Nina's mother and stepfather gone out to do?

4. What does Trigorin have to leave to do?

5. What does Masha say has gone to sleep?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Constantine think that Nina favors Boris?

2. What does Constantine say is the reason for his bad mood?

3. What does Illya tell Boris and Madame Arkadina?

4. Why is Madame Arkadina furious at Illya?

5. Why does Peter think Constantine lives a lonely life?

6. Why does Masha want to marry Simon?

7. How does Boris react to Madame Arkadina's insensitive comments?

8. What is the weather like at the beginning of the fourth act?

9. What happens to Peter in the second act?

10. Why is Madame Akadina unhappy with Peter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the values of the 1900s.

In what ways are the characters a product of their time?

How does the play express the changes Russian was going through at the time?

Does modern society share any values with 1900s Russia?

Essay Topic 2

Compare American and Russian culture.

What are the differences between the two cultures?

In what way have the two cultures influenced each other?

Essay Topic 3

Choose one of the following and discuss how it affects the tone of the play and helps to express character and theme:


Point of view



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