The Seagull Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who are Masha and Simon Medvedenko?

Simon and Masha stroll the grounds of Sorin's estate. Simon is a teacher and is deeply in love with Masha. Masha is the daughter of the estate's manager. She is in love with Sorin's nephew, Constantine.

2. What do Masha and Simon discuss?

Masha and Simon discuss the play they will be watching later that night. It is written by Constantine and stars his lover, the beautiful Nina.

3. Why is Constantine worried?

Constantine is looking forward to his play starting, but he tells Peter that he is also worried about his mother. He thinks she will react badly when she sees what a good actress Nina is.

4. Why is Madame Arkadina moody?

Arkadina states she does not like the new theater popping up all other Russia and suspects her son to be part of the movement. She thinks there was no need to change a good thing.

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