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Objective: Masha is Paulina and Illya's daughter. Her love for Constantine is not returned and she ends up marrying Simon. The aim of this lesson is to examine the character of Masha.

1. Divide the students into pairs or groups of three. Ask them to use magazine pictures to make a picture story of Masha's life.

2. Ask the students to write 500 words on what they think Masha's life would have been like if she did not meet Constantine.

3. Divide the students into two groups. One group should research Masha's life and the other group should think of questions they like to ask Masha about her life. Finish the lesson with a question and answer session.

4. Homework. Write Masha's character background.


Objective: Constantine is Madame Arkadina's son. He is tortured by his love for the beautiful Nina and tries to get over her by burying himself in his...

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