The Seagull Character Descriptions

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Pauline Andreevna - She is seeking fulfillment outside of her marriage. However her lover, who has always been popular with the opposite sex, seems noncommittal in their relationship, even bored by it.

Madame Irina Nikolaevna Arkadina - See Madame Treplyov.

Eugene Sergeevich Dorn - He is a rather world-weary man, seemingly indifferent to his calling. After years of practicing medicine, he is virtually penniless, having spent his life's earnings on foreign travel.

Maria Ilyinishna - See Masha.

Kostya - See Konstantine Gavrilovich Treplyov.

Masha - She is a young woman who assumes a melancholic demeanor, though it may be more fashionable than real. She dresses in mourning black, the outward reflection of her inner sorrow.

Semyon Semyonovich Medvedenko - He is married to a woman whose passionate nature and eccentric manner simply seem puzzling to him. Because his own needs are so mundane and simple, he...

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