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Short Answer Questions

1. What overwhelms their craft?

2. Where do Hump and Brewster sail towards?

3. What subject does Larsen turn the conversation to?

4. Where do Brewster and Hump put Larsen?

5. What does Hump do when the wind picks up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Waht does Hump do once he realizes he holds the power over Larsen?

2. How does Brewster's prediction that someone is coming go against her character?

3. In what does the ending reflect the beginning of the novel?

4. In what does Larsen attempt to kill Hump finish him off?

5. What happens to Brewster and Hump's boat once they take for the seas?

6. In what could you construe Larsen as a pure character?

7. In what has Hump gained power over Larsen?

8. How do Hump's thoughts reflect the nature of the long journey?

9. Describe the fight between Hump and Larsen in chapter 26

10. How does Hump learn how to kill the seals?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

London uses a number characters from different areas of the world including Scandinavia, Hawaii, USA and Britain.

How accurate do you think London's representations of these cultures are? Do you think he subverts stereotypes? Are some representations more negative or positive than others?

Essay Topic 2

Compare the differences between self-learning and formal education.

1) Which in your opinion is the more valuable method of learning and why?

2) Do you think Larsen and Hump learn from each others very different upbringings. Support your answer with two examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

In what ways do you think that Hump idealizes Brewster? What do these ideals say about Hump's character? How different do you think Brewster is to Hump's ideal woman?

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