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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Larsen forbid Hump and Brewster to do?
(a) To talk
(b) To kill him
(c) To board the ship
(d) To rebuild the ship

2. Where do Brewster and Hump put Larsen?
(a) With the seals
(b) On the deck
(c) In the hold
(d) In their stone hut

3. What happens to Larsen during this time
(a) He goes deaf
(b) He becomes paralyzed along one side of his body
(c) He dies
(d) He contracts the scurvy

4. What subject does Larsen turn the conversation to?
(a) Freud
(b) Seal hunting
(c) Love
(d) Religion

5. How long does Hump sleep for?
(a) Eighteen hours
(b) Two hours
(c) Three days
(d) Two days

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hump too exhausted to do after a night out at sea?

2. What does Hump think was a symptom of Larsen's current problem?

3. How does Hump help Larsen to communicate?

4. What material do Hump and Brewster decide to make the hut roof from?

5. What does Larsen think he has?

Short Essay Questions

1. Waht does Hump do once he realizes he holds the power over Larsen?

2. What happens to Brewster and Hump's boat once they take for the seas?

3. How does Brewster's prediction that someone is coming go against her character?

4. Describe Hump and Brewster's hut.

5. Do you think it is strange that the Ghost appears on tn the shore?

6. In waht way could the reader see Larsen victorious over Hump?

7. In what does the ending reflect the beginning of the novel?

8. How is the blind Larsen still a formidable force?

9. Do you think London is inconsistent with Hump's character in this chapter?

10. In why has Hump's personal philosophy changed?

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