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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Larsen deny?
(a) Death itself
(b) That he is in love with Brewster
(c) The existence of a soul
(d) That he is on an islet

2. What does Hump unsuccessfully try to build?
(a) A toilet
(b) A tent
(c) A hut
(d) A well

3. What do Brewster and Hump do after breakfast?
(a) Go for a swim
(b) Frolic in the sand
(c) Go seal hunting
(d) Set sail around the tiny island

4. What overwhelms their craft?
(a) The current
(b) Pirates
(c) The wind
(d) The waves

5. What does Hump spend the next day doing?
(a) Making more shears
(b) Kedging the ship
(c) Sleeping
(d) Making a truce with Larsen

6. What do Brewster and Hump decide it is best to do at night?
(a) Sleep
(b) Hold each other
(c) Take turns keeping watch
(d) Stay awake

7. How does the Macedonia respond to the attack?
(a) It surrenders
(b) It retreats
(c) It sends out more boats with armed men
(d) It chases the Ghost and fires its cannons

8. What does Hump devise a plan to do?
(a) Kill Larsen
(b) Have a party
(c) Kill more seals
(d) Re-rig the ship

9. What do the men take along with their usual shot guns?
(a) Grenades
(b) A machine gun
(c) Knives
(d) Rifles

10. What does Larsen do when Brewster and Hump come aboard to inspect the damp?
(a) Screams at them
(b) Prowls after them
(c) Sets sail
(d) Shoots at them

11. What kind of hut do Brewster and Hump build on the island?
(a) Mud hut
(b) Brick hut
(c) Stone hut
(d) Wood hut

12. What does Hump think was a symptom of Larsen's current problem?
(a) His headaches
(b) His blindness
(c) His anger
(d) His broken heart

13. What does Hump do while Brewster sleeps?
(a) Watches her
(b) Reads
(c) Goes for a swim
(d) Mans the tiller

14. Why did Hump not sleep an in adequate enclosure for so long?
(a) He gave Brewster the room
(b) He was keeping guard
(c) He is claustrophobic
(d) The weather was too nice

15. What does Hump do for the first time in many weeks at the end of the chapter?
(a) Sleeps undercover
(b) Plays marbles
(c) Has an initimate conversation
(d) Drinks clean, unsalty water

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brewster use to maintain a fire?

2. What happens to Larsen during this time

3. What subject does Larsen turn the conversation to?

4. What does Hump find Larsen doing during the night?

5. What do they do when Brewster wakes up?

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