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San Francisco

Hump often thinks of the city during the initial segment of the novel and equates it with his comfortable life of means. It is notable that none of the novel's events actually take place in the city.

Yeasty Existence

According to Larsen, one gets ahead in life by being a big piece of this and eating the smaller particles. The extended metaphor, used throughout the novel, is memorable, unique and very appropriate.

Endeavor Island

A small rocky islet, about twenty-five miles in circumference, which was a previously unknown seal rookery. The islet is named by Hump and Maud Brewster, who come upon it quite by chance.


A number of these are present in the narrative. In all instances, they represent physical power and are frequently used to kill seals and kill or control humans.

Shears (Often Sheers)

They are a mechanical apparatus used to lift...

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