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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• In 1893, Humphrey "Hump" Van Weyden, the narrator, travels aboard the ferry-steamer Martinez to San Francisco.

• From the dense fog bank another ship emerges. The Martinez attempts a last-minute evasive maneuver to no avail, and the larger ship bears down and collides into the Martinez.

• Hump realizes the Martinez is rapidly sinking, and leaps into the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay.

• A man aboard the schooner happens to see Hump and within a few minutes they out a rescue boat to save him.

• Hump learns that the ship is called Ghost and is a seal-hunter bound for Japan.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• Hump suggests that the ship's captain, Larsen return him to shore, but Larsen finds the suggestion risible.

• Seeing no other option, Hump signs on as cabin boy.

• While traversing the deck, Hump is bowled over by an enormous boarding sea and is driven into the...

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