Scythe (Arc of a Scythe) Fun Activities

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Create a board game based on the book. Design the layout, make the pieces, cards, and other components, and write clear instructions.


Come up with a new title for the story and change the cover art on the book. Explain your reasoning.


Design and sew a robe for either Citra, Rowan, or yourself as a scythe apprentice.


Construct a scythe. It can be a model or full size project.


Turn a section of the book into a movie script. Provide a list of actors for the lead roles.


Draw and write a comic book page based on an important scene or chapter.


Design a ring for a new scythe. Explain your color choice and how DNA transmits through the ring.


Compile a list of songs that go along with the themes and moods in this book. Provide an explanation for...

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