Scythe (Arc of a Scythe) Character Descriptions

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Citra Terranova

This character reluctantly trains to become a scythe in order to protect their younger sibling.

Rowan Damisch

This character comforts a classmate while they are gleaned. School and home life are difficult for this character.

H.S. Faraday

This character trains two apprentices. This character wears an ivory robe and is 180 years old.

H.S. Goddard

This character leads the New Order. This character does not want scythes to be restricted to a limited number of gleanings.

H.S. Curie

This character is infamous for their gleanings and is known as the Grande Dame of Death.

Kohl Whitlock

This character is the a star football player who is gleaned at school.

Tyler Salazar

This character repeatedly jumps off of buildings, calling it splatting.

H.S. Volta

This character is a member of the New Order and gleans themself.

High Blade Xenocrates

This character is the leader of...

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