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Short Answer Questions

1. What is a critical term used for a specific trend of nineteenth-century European literature and associated principally with the name of Zola?

2. What film did Tarkovsky produce in 1979?

3. The two supporting characters in Nostalgia are named Domenico and what?

4. Who wrote, The Death of Ivan Ilych?

5. Tarkovsky claims in Chapter VI that all art is by nature, what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tarkovsky describe the stresses of filming on The Sacrifice?

2. What is Tarkovsky's response to "how can the artist even begin to make films to please others"?

3. What does Tarkovsky define "commercializing" as in Chapter VII? What is the filmmaker's duty in this regard?

4. How is the artist "at odds with society," as Tarkovsky states in Chapter VII?

5. How does Tarkovsky describe the difference between painting and cinema in Chapter VII?

6. What is the all-powerful factor of film to Tarkovsky? Why?

7. What painting of Leonardo Da Vinci's does Tarkovsky discuss in Chapter V? What remarks does he make on the painting?

8. When was, The Sacrifice, conceived of? What drew Tarkovsky to this story?

9. Tarkovsky describes the filmmaker's responsibility to share his story in Chapter VII. What does he say?

10. What does Tarkovsky write of the director's "vision" in Chapter V?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the film, Andrey Rublyov. When was it produced? What is the subject of the film? What is the setting? Who are the principle characters?

Essay Topic 2

Who observed, "Poets are philosophers. You might equally well compare the painter of sea-scapes to a ship's captain"? What does this phrase mean in the context of Tarkovsky's theories?

Essay Topic 3

Define the term "mise-en-scene" and discuss how it has been approached by different filmmakers. What is Tarkovsky's view on the cinematic mise-en-scene?

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