Scribbler of Dreams Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mary E. Pearson
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Chapters 1-2

• Kaitlin Malone is a high school senior beginning her year at a new school – Twin Oaks High School.

• The Malone family has a generations-old feud with the Crutchfield family. Kaitlin will disguise the fact that she is a Malone and call herself Kaitlin Hampton at school.

• Kaitlin's father, Garner, is in prison for the murder of Robert Crutchfield.

• Kaitlin observes a popular boy at school who is named Bram.

Chapter 3

• The new foreman at the Malone farm is named Rick. Kaitlin does not like him.

• The Crutchfield-Malone feud started five generations earlier when a Crutchfield girl named Maggie got pregnant out of wedlock.

• The Crutchfields got rich by leasing out their lands; The Malones chose to keep their lands for farming and are not wealthy.

Chapter 4

• Kaitlin's father's sentence is reduced to manslaughter – he will be coming home.

• Bram introduces himself to Kaitlin. He sketches a...

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