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Short Answer Questions

1. Thompson described the charwomen as prowling about the hotel like crippled ___________.

2. How did Thompson describe his typewriter keys while tripping in "Mescalito"?

3. What happened when Thompson first tried to call Oscar in "Mescalito"?

4. What did Thompson creep across the room to get to help with the sunlight in "Mescalito"?

5. According to a sales jingle quoted by Thompson, "We cannot tell a lie, our machines will ___ you into a bag so fast you'll think you went blind."

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the setting of "Mescalito"? Where was Thompson as the story began?

2. How did Thompson describe his overwhelmed existence in "Mescalito"?

3. Describe the narrative style of "Mescalito."

4. What noise was distracting Thompson in the middle of the night on February 18 in "Mescalito"? How?

5. How did Thompson describe the imagery as he began to peak? What did the typewriter look like?

6. What did Thompson lament about his work in the entry from February 18 in "Mescalito"?

7. How did Thompson feel about the hotel workers in "Mescalito"?

8. What scene did Thompson write of having witnessed with the police?

9. What did Thompson believe the typewriter indicator looked like in "Mescalito"?

10. Who was Oscar in "Mescalito"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the setting of "Mescalito." Why was Thompson at that particular location? What impact did the setting have on the events of the narrative?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the title character in "Screwjack." What kind of animal is Screwjack? What is he symbolic of in the narrative?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Hubert Humphrey? Why did Hunter S. Thompson choose to use Humphrey in a metaphor in "Mescalito"?

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