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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the opening of "Screwjack," the letter is described as having been written how many days before "his" disappearance?
(a) 16.
(b) 19.
(c) 10.
(d) 21.

2. What brand of liquor was Leach carrying when he opened the door?
(a) Jack Daniels.
(b) Gibley's Gin.
(c) Jim Beam.
(d) Wild Turkey.

3. What was Leach wearing when he answered the door in "Death of a Poet"?
(a) A wool bathrobe.
(b) A terrycloth bathrobe.
(c) A cowhide bathrobe.
(d) An alpaca wool bathrobe.

4. The poem at the beginning of "Death of a Poet" describes a coffin of __________.
(a) Water.
(b) Ice.
(c) Smoke.
(d) Fire.

5. Where had Leach gone that led him to change his bet?
(a) A Packer pep rally.
(b) A church meeting.
(c) An AA meeting.
(d) A Kansas City pep rally.

6. What did Thompson begin looking for in the kitchen after seeing the woman?
(a) A fork.
(b) A knife.
(c) A pan.
(d) A gun.

7. In what city was Thompson in "Death of a Poet"?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) Denver.
(c) San Francisco.
(d) Green Bay.

8. What does the writer do in the tunnel in the poem which opens "Death of a Poet"?
(a) Sings.
(b) Cries.
(c) Sleeps.
(d) Drinks.

9. According to Thompson in "Death of a Poet," who had struck out?
(a) Mighty Casey.
(b) Mighty Ott.
(c) Babe Ruth.
(d) Mighty Mick.

10. When was the Duke Estate destroyed?
(a) 1989.
(b) 1975.
(c) 1988.
(d) 1979.

11. Where was Hunter S. Thompson born?
(a) Lexington, VA.
(b) Birmingham, AL.
(c) Washington, D.C.
(d) Louisville, KY.

12. What did Thompson believe Leach had done when he saw the woman in the kitchen?
(a) Kidnapped someone.
(b) Shot a prostitute.
(c) Shot his wife.
(d) Embezzled money.

13. Which team did Leach bet on in "Death of a Poet"?
(a) Green Bay Packers.
(b) Seattle Seahawks.
(c) Kansas City Chiefs.
(d) Dallas Cowboys.

14. How many years after Mr. Screwjack's disappearance did the narrator encounter him again?
(a) Eight.
(b) Sven.
(c) Six.
(d) Nine.

15. Where was the narrator's tattoo located?
(a) His forearm.
(b) His back.
(c) His shoulder.
(d) His chest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color was Mr. Screwjack?

2. The narrator describes Mr. Screwjack by saying, "Like my beast and my ____, my perfect dream lover, like that ghost that I must forget."

3. Which team did Thompson bet on in "Death of a Poet"?

4. What car rental counter did Thompson go to in "Death of a Poet"?

5. What does the narrator describe as having been so loud it made them both tremble when Mr. Screwjack was thrown out?

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