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1. What was the setting of "Mescalito"? Where was Thompson as the story began?

"Mescalito" takes the form of a diary/journal entry, and it is first dated February 16, 1969. The author, Hunter S. Thompson, found himself in Los Angeles at the Continental Hotel. He was on the balcony, as an ambulance passed by. Four hippies walked by him on the sidewalk and gave him the "V" peace symbol.

2. Describe the narrative style of "Mescalito."

"Mescalito" is written in first person point of view alternating between present and past tense. Thompson establishes himself in the present at the Continental Hotel, while relating earlier events using language such as, "He waved, and moments later, after pointing me out to each other, they hoisted the "V" signal -- and I returned that."

3. Describe Hunter S. Thompson as the central character in "Mescalito." What are his objectives?

Thompson's first person perspective allows the reader to get an insight into his drives and desires. As such, it appears that the objectives of the narrator are to do as many drugs as possible, get his deadline in on time, and make it aboard a plane to Denver without being discovered while high.

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