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Los Angeles, California

This was the setting for Mescalito. Thompson had been sent to the city by his newspaper to cover the people there.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

This was the setting for Death of a Poet.


This was the psychoactive substance that Thompson ingested which resulted in the drug trip described in Mescalito.


Thompson used this object to produce copy for his newspaper.


Thompson had been abusing this substance for energy in the form of pills.

The Radio

To try to distract himself from the effects of his drug trip, Thompson relied on this object which overwhelmed him by its cacophonous sounds.

Wild Turkey

This was the alcohol of choice for F. X. Leach.

The Denver Airport

Coming down from his drug trip, Thompson still had lingering effects as he sat at this location in Mescalito.


In Mescalito, Thompson only had a small amount...

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