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Mescalito, Pages 15 through 29

• Mescalito takes the form of a diary/journal entry, and it is dated February 16, 1969.

• The author, Hunter S. Thompson, found himself in Los Angeles at the Continental Hotel.
• Thompson was on the balcony, taking in such things as an ambulance passing by, when four hippies walked by him on the sidewalk, giving him the "V" peace symbol.

• Thompson was there to report on the "street freaks" as he called them.
• In an entry dated February 18, Thompson lamented his deadlines and pressures from his newspaper.

• Thompson had writer's block, which included a combination of laziness, a late-night work ethic that was not working, and the fact that he had consumed a large quantity of pills, presumably Dexedrine. Also, he smoked marijuana.
• The hotel's fire alarm went off, but it was a false alarm.

• Thompson remarked upon the number of natural disasters in California such as fires...

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