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Washington, D.C.

This is the location where the House Committee on Un-American Activities meets.

The Blacklist

This object was a reference for identifying an individual as a Communist or un-American.

Hollywood, California

This place was a primary target of interrogations conducted by the House Committee.


This place was where the Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace was held in 1949.

Bonn, Germany

This place was a college town full of anti-Semitic students.

Moscow, Russia

This place was where Hellman acted as a cultural representative and advised on a play.

Pleasantville, NY

This place had a farm, which sold after the hearing.

Rome, Italy

This place was cheap and a good way to escape the repercussions from the hearings.

London, England

This place was where it was easy to extend one's visa.

Martha's Vineyard

This place is the island where Hellman owned a house.

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