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• The Introduction describes the creation of the Blacklist and House Committee by President Truman and paved the way to the Cold War.

• Truman rigorously tested Federal workers and citizens to find their loyalty to America.

• To be found "guilty" of being associated with Communism, one would lose their job and public scrutiny.
• The liberal Democrats became convinced to support the government's actions because they saw Russia as an enemy and equated Communism in Russia with Nazism in Germany.

• Russia was weaker than the government made it out to be.
• Wills explains that World War II sparked a self-righteous feeling in the U.S. and the government nor its entities, like the FBI, who wanted to give up the power given during the war.

• Wills explains that the U.S. needed an enemy to channel their war-hungry attitude.
• Lillian Hellman was not a Communist, but supported Wallace.

• Hellman...

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