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The Gun - This is the primary motivator in the story, and is used to kill Angel.

Marcus Garvey Park - Jamal meets Indian for their final confrontation here.

Bodega - This is the grocery store owned by Mr. Gonzalez.

Boat Basin - Jamal and Tito like to walk to here and daydream about their future. It is a place of refuge from the squalor, poverty, and degradation of their neighborhoods.

Old Firehouse - This has become the headquarters of the Scorpions.

Harlem - This is the area of the city where the story takes place.

Storeroom - This is the area of the school where Dwayne and Jamal have their second fight and where Jamal shows Dwayne his weapon.

Drawing Tablet - When he gets paid from his job at the grocery store, Jamal buys this.

Crack House - This is an old video store where...

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