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The Gun

This is the primary motivator in the story, and is used to kill Angel.

Marcus Garvey Park

Jamal meets Indian for their final confrontation here.


This is the grocery store owned by Mr. Gonzalez.

Boat Basin

Jamal and Tito like to walk to here and daydream about their future. It is a place of refuge from the squalor, poverty, and degradation of their neighborhoods.

Old Firehouse

This has become the headquarters of the Scorpions.


This is the area of the city where the story takes place.


This is the area of the school where Dwayne and Jamal have their second fight and where Jamal shows Dwayne his weapon.

Drawing Tablet

When he gets paid from his job at the grocery store, Jamal buys this.

Crack House

This is an old video store where Mack hangs out and where Randy used to make money...

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