Scorpions Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Jamal Hicks - This character is a young black boy who is a dreamer and fantasizes about a better life for himself and his family, especially when he goes to the boat basin.

Tito Cruz - This character is a young Puerto Rican boy who lives with his grandmother.

Mrs. Hicks (Mama) - This character has a son in jail and spends her days traveling to the prison to see him, and when he is stabbed, she spends hours by his side.

Sassy Hicks - This character uses tattling as a way to get attention from her preoccupied mother.

Randy Hicks - This character is in prison for robbery and murder. He has never led a good life, and it does not surprise anyone that he is in jail.

Jevon Hicks - This character only shows up for his son when he needs money.

Dwayne Parsons -...

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