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Chapter 1

• Jamal and his sister Sassy are waiting for their mother. It is late, and Jamal is worried even though he says he is not.

• Sassy asks him questions. Jamal says she likes to tattle as a way to feel more important.
• Mama finally comes home at midnight. She asks if they ate dinner, and they did. She says she need $500 for Randy's lawyers.

• Randy is Jamal's brother and he is in jail. He was sentenced for 20 years, and will get probation in 7. Jamal will be 19 then.

Chapter 2

• Now that Randy is not home, Sassy sleeps in the small bedroom, and Jamal sleeps on the pull-out bed in the living room.

• The hot water has been turned off, so they have to take cold showers. There are no eggs for breakfast.
• Mama says Randy asked Jamal to talk to Mack about the Scorpions. She does not like this...

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