Science and the Enlightenment Short Essay - Answer Key

Thomas L. Hankins
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1. Who coined the term "Scientific Revolution" and who was this person? What was the Scientific Revolution?

The term "Scientific Revolution" was coined by Jean Lerond d'Alembert, who was a French mathematician in the late 1759. The Scientific Revolution was a cultural event associated with scientists such as: Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Rene Descartes, and Isaac Newton.

2. What did the French call the eighteenth century? Explain.

The French called the eighteenth century the "siecle des lumieres" or the "century of light" because of its emphasis on reason as a path to knowledge. This term "century of light" was referred to as the Enlightenment by the English.

3. Discuss how nature and reason tied into the Enlightenment.

Nature and reason were tied in the Enlightenment because the connection between nature and reason came from the seventeenth-century England and played a major role in natural theology. The Enlightenment was created by the shift from reason as the perfect intelligence to reason as the law of nature.

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