Objects & Places from Science and the Enlightenment

Thomas L. Hankins
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During this period of European history (primarily in France, Germany, and Great Britain) there was an explosion of scientific discovery and an emphasis on the power of human reason.


This was a project undertaken in the mid 18th century in France to collect and organize existing knowledge about science and philosophy.

Natural Philosophy

This area of study referring to investigation dealing with natural facts was also called experimental philosophy.


This dominant philosophical tradition in Europe from the 13th to the 18th century was concerned with finding the ends or functions of things in nature and determining their properties from an analysis of their ends.

Ancien Regime

This was the name for the French state before the revolution, often used to refer to any non-democratic, non-enlightened regime in the 18th century.


This theory of combustion argued that combustion occurred because of the presence of a...

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