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Short Answer Questions

1. When Backbite and Crabtree enter, what does Crabtree regale the party with?

2. What are members of the audience for the play advised that appearances are capable of doing?

3. Upon hearing the name of whom of the following being gossiped about does Maria react by leaving the room where the gossiping is taking place?

4. Who wants nothing to do with the gossiping and character destruction that goes on in some circles?

5. Who speaks in "A Portrait"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sir Peter tell Joseph about his marriage and decisions in Act 4, Scene 3?

2. In Act 3, Scene 1, what are some scenarios that contribute to the plan that Sir Oliver, Sir Peter, and Rowley put together that will allow Sir Oliver to conduct his own investigation into the characters of his nephews, Charles and Joseph?

3. How is the gossiping group's misinformation concerning the confrontation at Joseph's house cleared up by Sir Peter?

4. Why is Act 4, Scene 1 set in the portrait room?

5. What is the purpose of a Prologue?

6. Describe the conversation between Charles and Sir Oliver about Sir Oliver's portrait.

7. Why does Lady Teazle tell her husband about her affair with Joseph?

8. What does Sir Peter tell Rowley about his troubles in Act 1, Scene 2?

9. How does Lady Sneerwell clarify to Snake who her real love interest is Charles Surface, and not his brother, Joseph?

10. What are Lady Sneerwell and Snake discussing at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Screen scenes are prevalent in English literature, but the screen scene in The School for Scandal is highly praised. What distinguishes this from other screen scenes?

Essay Topic 2

The statement is made that Sir Oliver has seen Charles at his worst, and Charles at his best. However, Sir Oliver is also described as "a good judge of character"; who tends to see the better side of people. Write an essay detailing whether the preceding statements contribute to the formation of an antithesis. Support your position with dialogue, text, and/or paraphrase from the play.

Essay Topic 3

Taking all of the characters in Sheridan's play into account, and all the deeds carried out by all of them in relation to refraining from participating in gossip and scandal, explain whether Sir Peter exemplifies a character who has followed Sheridan's advice not to engage in gossip; or does he exemplify a character who does not follow Sheridan's advice. Support your position with text, dialogue, and/or paraphrase from the play.

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