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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the basis for the argument taking place between Sir Peter Teazle and Lady Teazle in the opening scene of Act 2?

2. Which of the following is a witty remark made by Benjamin Backbite that Crabtree is able to share with the gossip group?

3. What do Charles and Joseph Surface have in common relating to Sir Oliver?

4. Which two cohorts are lauding themselves on account of their apparent success as character assassins as Act I opens?

5. Who speaks in the Prologue?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sir Oliver respond to Charles's offer in Act 3, Scene 3, and why?

2. How does Charles demonstrate that he can be quick to think on his feet when it comes to raising the money that he needs?

3. What is the characterization of Charles that Sir Oliver and Mr. Moses arrive at based on Trip the butler's appearance and behavior?

4. What does Charles instruct Rowley to do after "Mr. Premium" and Mr. Moses leave to help Stanley with his financial troubles?

5. How does Sir Oliver tease Sir Peter at the end of Act 5, Scene 2, and how does Sir Peter react?

6. In the Prologue, what does writer David Garrick announce that the subject of the Play will be?

7. What do Joseph and Lady Teazle discuss at the beginning of Act 4, Scene 3?

8. How does Sir Oliver feel about Charles at the end of Act 4, Scene 1, and why?

9. What does Sheridan admonish the audience about in "A Portrait"?

10. What does Rowley report in Act 4, Scene 2, and how does Sir Oliver react?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mr. Moses serves as an archetypal Jew. How does this character's appearance enhance or inhibit the anti-Semitic theme of The School for Scandal?

Essay Topic 2

Screen scenes are prevalent in English literature, but the screen scene in The School for Scandal is highly praised. What distinguishes this from other screen scenes?

Essay Topic 3

Lady Sneerwell and Mrs. Candour are both huge gossips, but they have very different motives. Compare and contrast these two women.

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