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Short Answer Questions

1. Sir Peter is concerned that Maria is intent on marrying which of the following characters?

2. Maria considers Lady Teazle to be which of the following types during her meeting with Joseph at the gossipers' gathering?

3. In the prologue to the play, what is noted as not being necessary to bring into the world?

4. Which couple does Rowley believe to have the capability of entering into a compatible marriage?

5. Whom does Rowley believe that Lady Teazle has her heart and eyes set upon?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the play end happily for all of the deserving characters, and what identifies these characters as deserving?

2. In Act 1, Scene 2, how does Sir Peter Teazle's life change for the worse, six months after having married a young woman?

3. In Act 5, Scene 3, how is Sir Oliver mistakenly identified by both of his nephews?

4. What happens at the beginning of the party in Act 2, Scene 2?

5. In Act 1, Scene 1, what are Lady Sneerwell and Snake celebrating in relation to their attempts to assassinate the characters of others?

6. How do Mr. Moses and Trip's business negotiations progress?

7. Who does "A Portrait" honor and why?

8. What does Sheridan say about appearances in "A Portrait"?

9. What is Sir Oliver's original plan at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 1, and why?

10. How does Sir Oliver feel about Charles at the end of Act 4, Scene 1, and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is Lady Teazle's reformation shown in The School for Scandal?

Essay Topic 2

Mr. Moses serves as an archetypal Jew. How does this character's appearance enhance or inhibit the anti-Semitic theme of The School for Scandal?

Essay Topic 3

At the beginning of Sheridan's play, the audience is advised that appearances can be misleading, and that it is always best to look beneath to find the true worth of a person. Write an essay discussing whether those two pieces of advice manifest themselves in the relationship between Sir Peter and Lady Teazle. Detail the players, the action, and the initial rapport between the Teazles, as well as the outcome. Explain whether and how the Teazles' relationship and the aforementioned advice can be or should not be deemed analogous. Support your position with text, dialogue, and paraphrase from the play.

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