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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lady Teazle wish Sir Peter would allow Maria to marry Charles?
(a) So she does not have to worry about Joseph's interest in Maria.
(b) So Sir Peter will stop complaining about it.
(c) Because it would make Charles happy.
(d) Because it would make Maria happy.

2. Specifically, what does Trip tell Mr. Moses that he would like to borrow?
(a) A room to stay.
(b) His carriage.
(c) Money.
(d) Clothes.

3. Why are Mrs. Candour, Lady Sneerwell, Backbite, and Crabtree surprised to see Sir Peter walk into his home?
(a) They thought that he was supposed to be in China
(b) They thought he had been wounded, and at death's door.
(c) They thought that he had broken his leg.
(d) They thought that he and Lady Teazle were in Wales.

4. What do the Surface brothers, Joseph and Charles disagree about in Act 5, Scene 3?
(a) Whom Maria really loves.
(b) Who should receive Sir Oliver's inheritance.
(c) Sir Oliver's real name.
(d) Whether Rowley is really trustworthy.

5. What does Charles Surface give Trip?
(a) Plenty of money.
(b) Some good advice.
(c) His mother's portrait.
(d) His own carriage.

6. How much does Charles offer to sell the remainder of his family portraits for?
(a) 400 dollars.
(b) 300 pounds.
(c) 300 schillings.
(d) 400 pounds.

7. Who does Sir Oliver name as his heir?
(a) Sir Peter.
(b) Maria.
(c) Charles.
(d) Joseph.

8. Who commands Sir Peter to come out of the closet?
(a) Charles Surface.
(b) Rowley.
(c) Lady Teazle.
(d) Joseph Surface.

9. What does Charles decide to do with 100 pounds from his check?
(a) Invest it.
(b) Use it to buy a gift for Maria.
(c) Give it to Stanley.
(d) Give it to Trip.

10. Where are Mrs. Candour, Lady Sneerwell, Backbite, and Crabtree gathered at the beginning of Act 5, Scene 2?
(a) Sir Peter's house.
(b) In the country.
(c) Joseph's house.
(d) Lady Sneerwell's house.

11. What is required in order for Sir Oliver's companion to acquiesce to the request of the person who makes him wait in Act 3, Scene 2?
(a) Collateral.
(b) A house.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A contract.

12. What type of mood is Joseph in, as his uninvited guest arrives at the beginning of Act 5, Scene 1?
(a) Bad mood.
(b) Jovial.
(c) Friendly.
(d) Depressed.

13. What does Sir Oliver decide to pay off following the portrait auction?
(a) Mrs. Candour's debts.
(b) Rowley's debts.
(c) Charles' debts.
(d) Miss Clackitt's house.

14. Following Sir Peter's arrival at Joseph's house, who arrives to speak with Joseph Surface?
(a) Lady Sneerwell.
(b) Rowley.
(c) Charles Surface.
(d) Benjamin Backbite.

15. How does Charles handle his business dealings?
(a) Rudely and dishonestly.
(b) Graciously but dishonestly.
(c) Impudently but honestly.
(d) Graciously and honestly.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sir Oliver feel after the auction?

2. Whom does Maria believe to be having an affair with Charles?

3. What does Sir Oliver ask Charles before agreeing to loan him money?

4. What is the setting of Act 4, Scene 1?

5. Who buys the portrait that Sir Oliver is interested in buying?

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