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Objective: In the portrait segment of the play, the playwright's message to the audience is clear: "Do not participate in scandal". Whether transmitting, or receiving, dissuasion of the audience members involving themselves in either phase of scandal is the playwright's attempt. In this lesson, we look at dissuasion, and whether one person's attempt to instill it in thousands of audience members is likely to take effect.

1) In-Class Discussion. What is dissuasion? Is it easier/harder to attain than persuasion? Is it generally easier to convince people not to do something, rather than to convince them to do something? Is it more likely to take effect on a one-on-one basis; or would it be more likely to take effect in small groups? In large groups?

2) In-Class Small Group Discussion. Divide class into groups of four to five students. Ask students to discuss whether one person, in this case...

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