School for Scandal Character Descriptions

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Sir Benjamin Backbite - A gossip admired by the local gossip circle leader, this character is rejected by a prospective love.

Sir Harry Bumper - A friend of one of two brothers, this character spends lots of time drinking, gambling, and singing.

Mrs. Candour - A friendly, accommodating sort, this gossip-loving character is capable of spreading slander more effectively than others.

Careless - A friend to one of two brothers, this character auctions the family pictures to one of the moneylenders.

Crabtree - A relative in tow, this character is as big a gossip as the relative who is doing the towing.

Maria - A wealthy ward in love, this character is very disturbed about the vicious gossip in social circles.

Moses - A moneylender by trade, this honest character has tried to help one of the two brothers through assistance with money problems and attempts...

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