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A Portrait

• Sheridan advises the audience to avoid creating or listening to tales of scandal about other people.

• Sheridan claims that the audience should search for the true worth of people rather than accepting second-hand criticisms.

• In the Portrait section of the play, there is mention that in the late 18th Century, there was a customary dedication-themed presentation offered prior to the opening of a play. Playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan advises the audience to avoid participation in scandal by either creating it, or by listening to it.

• Sheridan reminds the audience that appearances can be deceiving.

• He further advises members of the audience against rendering judgment based on appearance that can be misleading, directing them toward a more fact-based, credible judgment based on more in-depth research.


• David Garrick states that the play will be about scandal and the fact that it is unnecessary to bring more of...

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