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1. What is Cap's first experience with a police officer?

The first time that Cap sees a police officer up close, he is 13. The officer is arresting him for driving without a license. When the police officer learns that Cap drove because his grandmother was hurt, the officer releases Cap.

2. What is Garland Farm?

Garland farm is an alternative farm commune. It is designed to allow the residents to escape the money-hungry rat race of modern society. If people did not know the residents, it allowed them not to be found, and they could live their lives in peace.

3. How did Rain hurt herself?

Rain was in a tree picking plums. One minute she was on a branch, and the next she was on the ground. She slipped, and she fell out of the tree, and she broke her hip.

4. How is Cap being educated and why?

Cap is being educated by being homeschooled. Even on a tiny farm like Garland Farm, an education is required. Cap is home educated because no school bus could get up the dirt road that leads to Garland. He is also homeschooled because his grandmother wants to handle his schooling personally in order to avoid the low standards and cultural poison of a world that has lost its way, according to her.

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