Schooled Character Descriptions

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Capricorn Anderson

This character is 13 years old and has been raised on a commune by his grandmother, but he has to go to middle school when his grandmother breaks her hip.

Zach Powers

This character is very popular in middle school, but loses his popularity because of the way he acts toward another student.

Sophie Donnelly

This character is learning to drive, and she is horrified when her social worker mother has a strange, hippie-like boy move in with them.

Naomi Erlanger

This character has a crush on a popular boy at school, but becomes impressed by the sensitivity of a strange boy who starts attending the middle school.

Hugh Winkleman

This character has been bullied his entire school career, so he is relieved when someone even less popular than he is becomes the target of the popular group.

Mrs. Donnelly

This character is a social worker who once...

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